Shirika Francis

Founder and CEO

Shirika Francis is the Founder and CEO of Equilibrium Life LLC, a social events based business which provides an atmosphere of balance outside of the church walls (A Club for the Saints).

An anointed woman of God, Shirika has been blessed to have had the opportunity to preach, teach, and minister across multiple platforms. Her youthful spirit, love for ministry and people, and a Godly vision has allowed her to create Equilibrium Life LLC to be an environment where people can come together to express themselves in a fun, safe and supportive way.

In addition, Shirika is the Executive Pastor of the Pilgrim Cathedral of East New York, where she serves under the leadership of Archbishop George M. Shorts. She balances that role with her position as the Deputy Director of the Payroll Department for the Human Resources Administration Agency of New York City.

A dedicated mother to her beloved son, Shirika Francis lives in Brooklyn, NY.

About Equilibrium Life LLC

Equilibrium Life was birthed out of my own need for balance. It really didn’t become apparent to me how deficient I was socially until  after my divorce. My life revolved around being a mother, ministry, and my job. There was no real focus on me or my individual needs. I believed if I just stayed busy in ministry everything else would fall in place. Over time I began to feel lopsided and I didn’t like what I felt. Occasionally I would go out with friends/family to eat, to unwind and enjoy each others company, but still felt a void. I recall talking to  them and saying “I want to meet other people outside of our church,  go places and enjoy life without compromising my stand in Christ. They would all agree with me, but we found ourselves having the same conversation everytime we were together. I also remember having conversations with “new babes” in Christ and them expressing that now that they’re saved and had turned away from  previous lifestyles, they didn’t  know what to do outside of church without being tempted to go back to old habits. I would always encourage them to pray and discuss with them other things that they were interested  in to replace previous behaviors. This went on for sometime until one day in  conversation with God, I said to Him, ” God I feel so unbalanced, and  I know there must be other people of God like me (in leadership, mother, wife, father, husband, divorcee, single parent) that feel this way. I need a change!” God spoke to me and  said  “Create  what you want to see. Create what you want to see!”  I began to visualize how my desire for balance, fun, intellectual stimulation and expression would look manifested in real time. At that moment my passion was born! I named my baby Equilibrium Life!

The Ambassadors

“These are the hands & feet to my vision”