When you think of balance what comes to mind? Did you think of physical balance, like walking over unstable ground and trying not to fall? Could it be the thought of your dietary needs, knowing what your body need vs what it wants? Or did you think of time with family, repetitive time at work, time at worship and church events? And after all of that, there is no time for YOU. Many times our lives are run in the continuous loop of Work, Church and Kids or Family. We always have the thoughts of doing stuff, but with who? Always wanna try something new, but what? Well I think we have found that who and where, that we all have been looking for. But we wanna know what things that you have to balance in your weekly life, and do you have the time to have some good ol’ FUN.

Sometimes we don’t have the fun we need and deserve because we don’t know how to make room for it. Our lives are hectic as is, so who really has the time for fun? Well apart of balance is knowing when to make room for more things to take some of the pressure from the things life already has on your shoulders.
The Bible says this about Balance: “Let me be weighed in an even balance, that God may know mine integrity” Job 31:6.
Webster says this about Balance: “the ability to move or remain in a position without losing control or falling”.
What does Balance mean to you? Do you have it? Is there any room for Fun?

Til next time….
Equilibrium Life……. Get U Some!

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