Let’s just put it out there,  do you have days when you don’t want to do anything?  Are there days when you just want to do you?  Is it wrong to feel that way?  Come on, I know you don’t always want your day to go in this order:  wake up, take a shower, get everyone up, get breakfast and lunch together, sometimes, go to work, stop at the store on your way in, cook, take care of everyone and if you have a favorite show or sporting event coming on, take in a hour or so before you go to bed to do it all over again.  What about the days of the week when you are expected to go to church, attend Bible study, weekly prayer, choir rehearsal and special events?  Where’s your time?  What about you? Is GOD pleased with us running around doing stuff and not having balance in HIM?  Is HE okay with the way we spend each moment of our lives, since it’s a gift from HIM?  Is it HIS desire that we become burned out when it comes to HIM?  Are we too tired to pray and study?  How should we spend our time?

At Equilibrium Life, LLC, we believe that our time is a gift from GOD and we should use it wisely.  If you’re a supporter of Equilibrium Life and not there in your thoughts and beliefs, we hope that you will open your heart to CHRIST and embrace the gift of life.

Together, let’s examine our days.  Let’s discuss and put into practice the “what” and “how” to get our time in order and use it wisely.  GOD desires us to become balanced.  HE wants us to seek HIM first, take care of our families and each other, but HE wants us to enjoy life and have fun too.  Let’s learn, grow and practice as we seek balance at Equilibrium Life, LLC….”Come Get Some”

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